Thursday, August 20, 2015

Reading with grandma

Every night when the little owls have to go to bed..
 Grandma owl comes to kiss them goodnight.
"Please, read us a story", Tibby and Toby ask. And granny takes the storybook and starts reading to them.
 "Oh, my back hurts" granny says to Teun and Thelma. She has to stand quite a lot while reading to the little owls. 
 They think of a great plan to help granny.
 Teun starts making a chair the next day.
 It's really starting to come along. 
 "Tada, isn't it beautiful?" Mother Thelma loves is, hopefully granny wil like it as well. 
Thelma has made a nice pillow.
 Father Teun puts the chair in the bedroom of Tibby and Toby. Granny doesn't know a thing yet.
 "Granny, we're going to bed" the two yell. 
 "Yes, I'm coming,"granny says with the book under her wing. 
 "Oh, what a beautiful chair this is! I'm so happy with it!"
 From now on granny can sit comfortably on her chair each night while she is reading to the little owls. What a great present is was! 

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Ever since Thelma was a little girl, she wanted to be self-supporting. Now the family is living in the church house, she was thinking about getting some sheep. That way Thelma could make her own clothes from the wool. So she went to a nearby farm. The farmer showed her he didn’t only have sheep, but also some alpaca’s. “Oh, those animals are so cute!!” Thelma said.
“And their wool is the softest of all animals,” the farmer explained. He showed some of the wool he had sheared the year before. “It’s really soft indeed,” Thelma said.
Thelma was convinced and Teun also admitted he really liked the alpacas. What would Toby and Tibby think?
Of course the two little ones loved the idea of getting some animals around the house. "They are so soft and cuddly" Tibbe said. 

Thelma also got some of the wool from the farmer, so she could get started right away.
She had an old spinning wheel she was dying to try out. 
Teun decided to make Thelma a loom, so she can weave her own rugs.
Thelma really loves working with wool. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Selling cakes - part 2

 Father Owl Teun has been working really hard on the new cake stand and it's finally finished.

Thelma had made herself an apron and a real chef's cap.
She has also been creating new recipes for cakes, pies, donuts and cake rolls.
Little Tibby and Toby don't mind. They get to taste everything, jummy!
Father Teun is wainting for his family. He can't wait to reveil the new cake stand. What will his wife think of it?
Father Teun starts pulling away the sheet. Can you see what's behind it?
Wow, it's beautiful!
 With lots of space for baking trays. 
 Thelma starts filling the cake stand with her cakes. The people in the neighbourhood will probably love the new cakes. Don't they look delicious?  
 Thelma is really proud of het new cake stand.
 And she gives Teun a great big thank you-hug! 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Selling cakes

Perhaps you remember the King's Day bake sale from last year. Ever since mother Thelma gets more and more requests to bake donuts for owls from their neighborhood.
 "Can I get some donuts please?" "Sure, we have plenty!"
Next morning another friendly neighbor stopped by:
"Could you bake me a birthday cake for my daughter?"
"Sure, just come by the shop this afternoon and it'll be ready for you" Thelma replied. 
"Here you go, mister!"
"I really love the cake, thank you so much!"
 The days after more and more owls came by the shop requesting cakes, muffins, donuts and more.
Little Tibby helped her mom as much as she could. But they had to put al the food on the floor, because they didn't have enough space...
 "I have an idea!" husband Teun said to his wife, 
"I'll build you a real stand where you can display all of your cakes!"
That evening they made a sketch and Teun started working.
It's really coming along now. 
 Thelma and Tibby can't wait for it to be finished!
 Father Teun is painting the roof.